Program Ibadah Qurban 2020

Semua Anggota,
Koperasi Jurukur Tanah Berlesen Berhad (KOJUTA)

Y.Bhg. Datuk/Dato’/Tuan/Puan,


Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa Koperasi Jurukur Tanah Berlesen Berhad (KOJUTA) dengan kerjasama Cambodian Muslim Cooperative (CMC) akan menganjurkan Program Ibadah Qurban 2020.

Sepertimana program yang lepas, tujuan program diadakan adalah untuk berkongsi merasai nikmat yang diberikan Allah S.W.T dengan masyarakat Islam di Kemboja yang rata-ratanya kurang bernasib baik, miskin dan daif disamping membantu membangunkan ekonomi mereka.

Kadar bayaran Program Qurban adalah sepertimana berikut, iaitu:-

  1. Lembu
    RM390.00 (Ringgit Malaysia : Tiga Ratus Dan Sembilan Puluh Sahaja) bagi satu bahagian;
    RM2,730.00 (Ringgit Malaysia : Dua Ribu Tujuh Ratus Tiga Puluh Sahaja) bagi seekor.
  2. Kambing
    RM875.00 (Ringgit Malaysia : Lapan Ratus Tujuh Puluh Lima Sahaja) bagi seekor.Oleh yang demikian , Anggota KOJUTA yang berminat untuk menyertai Program Ibadah Qurban 2020 ini bolehlah menyempurnakan Borang Penyertaan Program Ibadah Qurban 2020 yang disertakan.

Borang Penyertaan Program Ibadah Qurban 2020 yang telah disempurnakan hendaklah dikembalikan bersama bayaran melalui CEK/ PINDAHAN ATAS TALIAN ONLINE TRANSFER” atas nama KOPERASI JURUKUR TANAH BERLESEN BERHAD (RHB BANK BERHAD CAWANGAN DATARAN WANGSA MELAWATI KUALA LUMPUR: 2-62335-0000444-7) sebelum atau pada hari Jumaat bersamaan  17 Julai 2020.

Penyertaan Anggota KOJUTA dalam Program Ibadah Qurban 2020 ini amatlah dialu-alukan.

Sekian, terima kasih.
Dengan hormatnya,

Buletin Akhir Tahun (Edisi ke-4, Disember 2012)



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dan Salam Sejahtera

My Dear Respectable Members ,

The Year 2012

This News Bulletin would be the last for the Year 2012 which is my 3rd series of promised means of dissemination of our activities to Members.

The calendar year 2012 incorporates both the outgoing Board of Directors (BOD) and the incoming New BOD where the new faces of the BOD took over in June 2012. The new BOD also comprises of the presently serving Board and the new faces. However they

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are healthy to KOJUTA. Just to refresh members , the New BOD elected and appointed respectively in June 2012 comprise of Sr. Haji Nik Afinde bin Nik Yaakub (Hon Secretary) and Sr. Mok Kam Loong. Both are very hard-working and believe in the ideals of Cooperatives. We also welcome our internal auditors Sr. Haji Mohd. Hanifah bin K. Abd. Hamid , Mdm Sr. Yeo Suan Imm and Sr. Ng Hong Yuen who shall monitor our functions in line with the ideals of Cooperatives.

The Year 2012 would pass through as history in the next few days. We look at the past and inculcate the good deeds and learn lessons from the mistakes of the past. There would be glory for some and pain to a few. But we would look at Way Forward and look up and see the better future ahead. Let the past mistakes be a lesson to all and bury them deep inside our heart. Life has to go on…. We bid Farewell to the Year 2012. But on the hind side we are closer to the Destiny by one year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013

The Management and BOD would like to wish to all our Christian Members a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

For is it.

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May God Bless You and Your Family with Good Health and Wealth.





Yours in KOJUTA,

Nik Hisham bin N.Manshor

Chairman 2012/2014

Dated : 21st December 2012